Other ERP systems vs Prim Costs

We know how important it is for everyone to upgrade their business with a qualitative ERP, without creating a huge hole in their budget. When we created Prim, we wanted to offer a truly working solution to every company, no matter how small or large. However, quality is inevitably linked to money, and often ERP costs are a major stumbling block to implementation. This has led to a complete rethinking of our product pricing. We've made it affordable - we've completely eliminated license costs, reduced implementation and training costs, and the monthly fee only depends on your needs.

ERP costs - licence pooling and monthly maintenance

The cost of purchasing an ERP license can be a very serious investment, and the implementation process can further that cost. Labour and product implementation time are normally added to the price. In most cases, the maintenance fee is paid on a monthly basis and is not included in the original license price. This increases the price even more, and if you realise you haven't made the right choice in terms of software... you'll have to pay even more.

To start working with Prim right away, you do not have to pay any license or invest your money in another initial expense. The difference between implementing Prim software and other ERP programs is precisely the low monthly cost and always fixed. This allows for more effective control of corporate finances without huge losses of time and money.

You set the functionalities and we immediately offer you an innovative software platform tailored to your budget. The monthly payment depends on the chosen price plan and includes the necessary basic and complementary functionalities of your business. In addition, this price includes maintenance, updates and hosting of the service. Things for which other ERP programs will require an additional payment.

“Shared implementation” of Prim as a one-off cost for ERP

Additional costs for our Prim software are one-off consulting services when the system is first set up. This includes creating roles and rights according to company needs, importing the information on counterparts/finances/nomenclature - in other words - a fully "shared implementation".

The idea of “shared implementation” is to build a new system in which a key client user is trained on absolutely all functionalities together with our consultant. Thus, in addition to clarifying the customer's business logic, the system is also adjusted to its way of working. For maximum process efficiency, we share our know-how and help with various successful business practices. During this implementation period (typically between 2 and 4 weeks), the key user understands fully how Prim works, and is taken through all the processes in detail.

"Light" cloud services, no cost for expensive hardware

"Heavier" ERP systems may require a serious investment in new hardware. Prim saves hardware costs because you don't need anything other than a device with Internet access to use our ERP solution. Data storage takes place entirely in the “cloud”. If our client experiences considerable growth and requires additional disk space, we can provide it for an additional fee or we can make the switch to another pricing plan.  

Reduced costs for ERP training 

The optimizations offered by an ERP are a benefit for the organization, but also one of the biggest problems for system implementation. It is often the case that managers in different teams cannot appreciate the need for such a system and/or do not have the necessary training.

As we have already mentioned, “shared implementation” can involve a real clash between the key customer user and our Prim consultant. After setting up and starting work, our team arranges a one-off training session for all other users of the system (completely free of charge) and introduces each functionality in detail.

By training future users (especially managers), we minimize possible problems in their work with the system. Implementation actually trains employees, and if more clarifications are needed, we also offer additional paid training, as well as free online training.

Your business deserves the best ERP.

At the best price.