Sales Management

Sales are undoubtedly the most important thing for the existence of any organization. Without sales to provide the business with cash, everything else is meaningless. That is why we have paid extra attention to provide you with all possible tools to effectively manage your sales, all the possible automated features for this to happen quickly through different channels, as well as a flexible model to cover any situation and complex deal.

Efficiency and rapid sales growth

It doesn't matter how much marketable stock you may have; if your sales department can't handle the processing of the sales, your profits won't increase. is an effective software product to manage your sales. Sales increase is achieved by deploying the maximum capacity of your capabilities, and quickly passing through the individual stages of client transactions to maximize customer satisfaction.

Variety that corresponds to reality

Sales do not follow a single performance model - the customer appears, picks up the goods and invoice and then pays. In fact, there are many ways in which a sale can be made - partially delivered and/or invoiced, with reserved quantities and other specific customer requests. No matter how complicated the reality is, it can be displayed with precision in!

Smart Performance Management is not a stand-alone, closed system - it is constant communication with your integrated partners, updated statuses and prices. Every device becomes a complete sales tool, and every standard process in the system is optimized. There is no need for constant monitoring across multiple sites, whether it is for implementation, invoicing or payment.

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Sales - Implementation of any trade policy

With the growth of a company and an increase in sales staff, monitoring prices and margins for sales of goods becomes an increasingly complex task. It is the prerequisite if not for a loss, then at least for not realizing a potential profit. is an easy-to-use system for single-person companies, as well as huge companies with dozens of shops and sales channels. It offers a wide array of options between different models of price policy management and pricing lists.

Price lists

Price lists can satisfy any pricing model - by type of customers, by specific customers, retail or wholesale sales, goods and/or services, groups of goods and/or services, by place of sale, brand, supplier, etc. The system also offers automatically calculable and self-renewing rule-based price lists.


Promotions are a serious tool in marketing-oriented companies and are an important component in engaging customers throughout the year. allows you to group your pricing policies into given scenarios. You can also specify mutually exclusive promotions or ones that can be applied together. also supports a period of validity for a given promotion. This allows you to plan your campaigns for months ahead.

Points of Sale

Automated settings for sale conditions and POS pricing - with you can comply with your own minimum sales price list, and control who uses what price list. You can also define special rights for manually editable prices.

Limits and insurance

The sales module also offers sales limit management for your customers, if you have such a policy. A limit can be set on invoiced or sold goods and/or services in any currency you work in. We consider it extremely useful that when the limit is reached, the operation (sale or invoice) can be blocked. Operations may also be blocked, if the late receivable period (in days) is exceeded.

Sales - Flexible sales model

Ordinary software allows you to create one sale > one withdrawal from stock > one invoice. With, every sale can be completed with multiple deliveries from different warehouses. The payment scheme also offers a wide range of possible options. You have accurate information about each transaction, at any given moment - what percentage has been fulfilled, what percentage has been invoiced and what percentage has been paid.


To make things even more interesting, we also support complex operations such as automatic reversals, automatic cancellations, divisions of sales, multiple withdrawals, and many other options that help you get the job done effectively.

Whatever agreement you've come to with your client, we support it!

Integrations for more sales

Integrations not only help you process a huge amount of sales, but you can also see them as a way of quickly and easily adding additional sales channels. This will make you more competitive in the future.

Integration with marketplaces

Amazon FBA & FBM, eBay, eMag, Etsy, Vivre

Integration with WEB shops

WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Cloudcart, Magento, MerchantPro, GombaShop, PrestaShop, etc.

Integration with payment systems

PayPal, ePay, Braintree, Mollie

Integration with couriers and forwarders

DHL, DPD, Deutsche Post, Fan Courier, Sameday, Cargus, Ekont, Geniki, ACS Courier (with automatic definition of a bill of lading number and payment reports on delivery) as well as 3PL euShipments, 3PL Metrica, 3PL Shiphero, etc.

For all other cases we provide a full set of built-in standard API features, which can easily connect your software to also offers seamless operation with barcode readers, fiscal printers and specialized label printers.


The best way to see in action is to give it a go yourself. It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-populated the demo with sample data.