We are not here to make your life easy.
We dare you to scale!

Cloud ERP/CRM/BI system that gives you the right tools to grow your business.

Powerful Performance

Even in the Prim.io starter package we provide the rich functionality of a high-class ERP system – an ideal starting point for companies on the path of growth.

Integrated System

Out-of-the-box integrations with marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways and shipping/fulfilment providers to help you diversify your sales channels.

Enter new markets

With support of many currencies, languages and localized templates of the issued documents you can enter new markets easily. We will support you with correct taxes calculation worldwide.

Quick Start

Our average onboarding time is six weeks. 92% of the companies that started with Prim.io are still using it.

What do you get with Prim.io

ERP, CRM, BI, Sales A cloud-based ERP solution with which you manage all business processes, regardless of the size and activity of the company. Each module provides all the necessary powerful tools - functionalities and references with which to better develop and control your business.


Prim.io offers the advantages of complex and expensive ERP systems but is preconfigured with simplified processes and interfaces, offering more advanced functions when needed.


Easy, real-time access to vital information gives you more control, and enables you to make more informed management decisions to steer your business in the right direction.


Prim.io effectively manages information flows and daily business processes such as sales, purchases, warehouse logistics, and finances.


Increase your employee productivity by reducing the time required to complete daily, key tasks. Automation also helps reduce operational errors.


Clients are the most critical asset for any business. However, even the highest quality customer service inevitably deteriorates over time when numbers increase. Prim.io CRM module will help you organize your client information conveniently and easily making it available to everyone across the sales team and management.

Real-time client information

Prim.io features a comprehensive interface that brings together all sources of client information. It provides shortcuts for a multitude of operations. This detailed information is easily accessible in a single place available to all your team helping them respond more quickly and enabling them to prioritise more effectively.

Events and notifications

The detailed account files in Prim.io contain not only financial and sales information, documents, contacts and addresses, but also all past communication. You can record each event such as phone calls, meetings, and emails. The system also provides notifications of upcoming events.

Account categorization

Why limit your business to just one type of client or vendor? By dividing them into different categories, you can make it easier to set different price lists and promotions, and your reports and analyses can be even more precise. With Prim.io you can categorize your accounts by types of relationship, and group them by any criteria of your choice.

Sales! More sales!

Increased efficiency and rapid sales growth

No matter what you sell, unless your sales department handles your orders efficiently, your profit won’t grow. Prim.io is a practical way to help you achieve maximum capacity, streamline the journey through the different stages of the sales process, and maximize your customers’ satisfaction.

Complexity simplified

Sales don’t always follow a predefined, fixed pattern: the customer comes along, takes the goods, you issue the invoice, and the customer pays. In fact, there are many ways for a sale to happen: prepaid or post-paid, partially fulfilled or invoiced, with multiple deliveries and many other possible options. Prim.io accurately reflects your reality, no matter how complicated it might be.

Intelligent management of fullfillment

Prim.io is not a stand-alone, closed system. It constantly communicates with external integrated platforms, and updates statuses and prices. Each mobile device becomes a sales tool. At the same time, all system processes are optimized and don’t require constant tracking at multiple locations, whether it's fulfillment, billing or payments.

Multichannel sales in one dashboard

You know that sales are the energy that drives your business, and you’re probably already doing well with at least one type of selling. Imagine what you could achieve if you could easily start selling through several more channels.

No matter which of the listed channels you add, they can be quickly, intuitively and fully integrated into your software. Your team will be able to focus on one convenient interface for all sales, whether they happen online or through a physical store. Process each deal with Prim.io from "lead" to "completed" in one place, without having to switch endlessly between different systems.

Integrated system

Prim.io is not a "closed" system that works only with its own data. The ERP system is integrated with multiple international channels dedicated to e-commerce, payment systems and courier companies. All you need to be able to run your business in one place at full speed!

Logistics on steroids

Whether you are the only person in your company or you have a big logistics department, Prim.io will help you cope with any of your logistics challenges. Analyze, automate and solve even the most complex logistical problems with a flexible system of permissions to roles and users, and efficiently track the entire journey of your merchandise from order to delivery.

Multiple warehouses, stores/PoS management

Prim.io helps you create and manage multiple offices, stores, and warehouses, with different sectors and the possibility of defining complex geometry. You can also organise your business in territorial divisions, physical stores, and PoS. Purchase orders and deliveries allow you to calculate precisely the direct and indirect costs of your merchandise, and manage it all transparently.

Manage your

Prim.io shows you how much of an item, material or product you have — regardless of its unit of measurement — and where it is at any point in time. Use this information to optimize your purchase orders and correctly allocate stock across all your sites.

Fulfillment and

Are you using external transport? Or do you have your own fleet? With Prim.io it doesn’t matter. You can organize both simultaneously, fulfilling and loading in a route, or using a courier to deliver everything your customers need. Product tracking has never been so easy!

Get a complete financial picture of your business

Prim.io will allow you to make all your financial transactions in one place with a minimal chance of human error and no risk of omitting a critical operation. Most importantly, you’ll be receiving real-time information on your company’s overall financial status to help you make the right decisions on time.

Optimized financial transactions

Don’t waste precious time on tedious, repetitive manual entry of financial documents and transactions. Prim.io automates these time-consuming tasks (e.g. it supports automatic import of bank statements). Focus on the big picture with the help of complex analysis and reporting tools.

Full compliance with financial regulations

Track your business in Prim.io regardless of your area of work. The system meets all regulatory requirements of financial control bodies, and will help you start selling globally. Automatic updates ensure that you keep up to date with the changing regulatory environment.

View your finances in real time

Manage your accounting, inventory, and cash flow, and control your fixed assets effectively. Work with multiple accounts and currencies, and always get up-to-date information about your receivables and payables. Prim.io offers you a clear picture of your company’s financial situation whenever you need it.

Right clients, right results

Sales are flying and processing times are decreasing

With Prim.io, we tamed all sales channels, which eased the time for processing customer orders, thus we were able to open new online stores in the Balkans!

Teodor Boev, Matraci.bg

Analytics and statistics at another level

Thanks to our cooperation with Prim.io, our business acquired another dimension. We have combined all sales channels (Wholesale, Online & Offline) into one system while improving them!

Nikolay Bozhinov, PenShop.bg

Processing customer orders is just a click away!

With Prim.io we manage our daily processes and tasks quickly and easily, while at the same time saving resources and money!

Victor Gurkov, GoSport.bg


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Accessible from anywhere, anytime

The biggest advantage of Prim.io is its mobility: you and your salespeople can work wherever you want, from any device. This gives you the freedom to work on the go — from anywhere, anytime, in a mobile application with rich functionality that makes it easy to interact with your customers and suppliers, and improves the sales and ordering process.

Demo Prim.io

The best way to see Prim.io in action is to give it a go yourself! It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-loaded the demo with sample data so that you can test it out!