Finances & Accounting

One of the greatest benefits of is financial management. This module provides you with a comprehensive picture of cash flows and stocks in the company and is a powerful tool for optimizing costs, analyzing and boosting revenue, as well as managing receivables and payables.

Optimised financial transactions

Don't let your business get bogged down in routine activities and end up wasting days of manually processing financial documents. offers a number of time-saving automated systems (for example, importing bank statements; payments) which shift the focus from operational work to the opportunity for analysis and growth.

Full compatibility with legislative regulations

Correctly display your business activity with regardless of your field of work. The ERP system complies with all the legislative requirements of the financial control authorities. It complies with the European legislation. Automatic updates ensure you stay up to date with changing regulations.

Understandable real-time finances

Manage accounting, inventory, cash flow, and control fixed assets efficiently. Work with multiple currencies and accounts, always get up-to-date information about your receivables and liabilities. provides a clear picture of your company's financial status when you need it.

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A powerful tool for monitoring company finances

The financial module is extremely flexible and allows for many different views - from detailed reports on each individual movement of money to and from your company, to business analyses for different time periods, regions, company divisions or activity types. All this gives an overview of your business trends. After implementing, this module will become the most powerful tool for comparing the results of your company activity with your long-term business goals. It will also help you make adjustments, if and when necessary.

The Finance module provides business analysis functionalities and allows you to define in advance the specific ways in which you want the data to be presented. In addition to the standard parameters, you can create and define your own additional analytics. You can go into great details relating to the revenue from each stand or employee, or costs according to the types of fuels used for your vehicles or the types of communication services.

Cost and Profit centres

For ambitious businesses with the resources to implement detailed financial information, we have provided the capability of reporting revenue and expenses by COST centres. This will help you better plan and control your activities and plug any "holes" that may exist in your finances.

Financial documents

The module manages the entire movement of financial documents created by employees - forms, cash receipts, invoices, etc., as well as the movement in the company's bank accounts, taxes, paid advances, etc.

Offering a wide variety of options for automatic generation of financial documents, becomes a part of your team, saving valuable time for employees and being a prerequisite for the rapid and controlled growth of your business activity.

Cash flow

The module fully manages the financial flows within the company. It allows you to fine tune your activities in order to increase the liquidity of the company on a daily basis. Analytical cash flow information is available to management from any point, giving accurate stock information at any time and being a valuable aid in making quick decisions no matter how far from the office you are.

Receivables management

Receivables management is also strongly supported. It clearly distinguishes receivables where the payment period has not yet become overdue, from others which are difficult to collect and which have a significant delay. You can also see how receivables and payables have changed over time.

Integrated Finances

Bank statements import

Importing bank statements can save the efforts of entire departments of employees. A special self-learning algorithm makes the import of bank statements more accurate and efficient in time.

Integrations with payment systems offers integration with a wide range of different local and international payment methods - ePay, PayPal, Paysera, Braintree, Molli, and deferred payments to shipping companies, etc. Part of the integrations enable automatic checking of whether a payment is successful. This saves on the labour of multiple employees and makes your transactions secure.

Integration with accounting systems is integrated with accounting system to prevent double entry of information. In enterprise solutions, we also offer the chance to work in our own accounting module, where all the operational accounting activities are automated as much as possible.


The best way to see in action is to give it a go yourself. It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-populated the demo with sample data.