The CRM module - working with Partners

The Customer Relationsship Module is designed to improve the service you provide to your customers and to facilitate the joint operation of your sales department. Its objective is to organise all data relating to a particular counterpart and make it readily available to your employees.

Detailed customer information in real time provides a universal interface both for making inquiries and performing various operations. This concentrated information will not only facilitate your own activities, but also make your entire sales team more responsive and quick-to-react in your daily communication, as well setting your priorities.

Integrated event and notification files

The information-filled files of contain not only financial and sales information, documents, contacts and addresses, but also any communication with partners. Note any event - phone call, meeting, e-mail communication, and don't miss important events due to the notifications of the system for upcoming events.

Maintenance of different types of partners

Do not restrict yourself to just one type of customer and/or supplier - separate them and make pricing easier, and your references and analytics even more detailed. lets you categorize your counterparts according to the type of relationship with them, as well as to group them according to the criteria selected by you.

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CRM - 360 Partners Overview

The counterpart profile in the CRM module is a universal interface for both querying and performing various operations. It contains information collected from all other modules of the system. Employees can see the statuses of orders, invoices, payments, as well as current and future deliveries to offices and warehouses.

The folder itself offers a multitude of analyses and graphs. It offers aggregated information on the status of the counterpart – volume of sales/orders, receivables, liabilities, available advances and deposits, balance sheet. All of this is sufficient to let you see its current state at a glance.

Partners categorisation's CRM module enables the individual types of counterparties to be defined. This will allow you to achieve better segmentation of individual customers/suppliers and create specific pricing policies and promotions. Reports and analytics by customer type will give you important information about revenue streams and help you set the right priorities.

Counterpart statuses

In order to fully benefit from the CRM module functionality, we also provide the opportunity to create different status reports for your counterpart. This can help categorize them in a useful way, for example - client activity - signed contract active, inactive, incorrect, etc. The categorization can be freely changed and specific features added.

Full contact information

Every counterpart file contains information about contact persons, addresses, bank accounts, persons who performed transactions, events, as well as the possibility to upload different file formats and documents. By just glancing at the counterpart file, you can obtain a complete picture, both of your financial relationship with the counterpart and your contacts with them.

Settings and Automation

The wide range of additional settings and automated features for working with counterparts, such as tax transactions, deadline for payment of financial documents, limit management and notifications of important events, make the daily life of your personnel considerably easier. Other features, such as customer limit, will help reduce the risk of overdue debts and improve your company's financial picture.

CRM - Highlighting important communication events

Using the events feature in the CRM module, you can report phone calls, meetings, emails and any other type of communication with the customer and make them available to colleagues. The system also allows you to define event types specific to your activity. Event notifications will help you remain organized at all times and ensure that you miss nothing related to closing a deal.

CRM - Customer data access control

The CRM Module counterpart profile can be set to display a different view for all of your employees, depending on their role. Thus, for each role in the organization, you can easily indicate which information should be visible when opening the file and which is not necessary.

Permission to information

With efficient data processing and monitoring of client information, depending on the level of individual account access rights, each employee will have sufficient information to provide efficient and responsive customer service, even on their first working day.

Counterpart history

Who created and edited the financial and operational documents, and how these changed over time - collects all this in a single data system. Even if someone makes a mistake when operating, this can be found and prevented next time you work with the module.

CRM - Customer B2C Portal

Every client also receives their own customer portal. The customer portal is part of the program to improve the quality of the services you offer to your customers. In the customer portal, your customers have access to quickly and conveniently check the current status of their financial documents, at any time. They can download them electronically or obtain up-to-date information about the services you offer.

CRM + ERP + BI in your palm

One of the biggest advantages of as an ERP system is mobility - you and your traders can work from anywhere, from any device of your choice - computer, tablet, Smartphone. The web-based nature of the product gives the freedom to work on the go - anywhere, anytime, in mobile applications with a wide range of functionalities, facilitating the relationship with clients and suppliers, and improving your sales and ordering process. All you need is a device and Internet connection!


The best way to see in action is to give it a go yourself. It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-populated the demo with sample data.