Shared implementation with our consultants

Over time, we have come to believe that the better option is to actively participate in the initial setup through "shared implementation". The shared implementation is a one-time service that includes consultation and initial system setup.

Research and consulting

Preliminary research and consultation are extremely important to the successful implementation of any ERP system. Proper analysis of the organization's needs and current business processes allow our consultants to determine the best implementation approach regarding settings of functionalities, modules and integrations with extrenal systems necessary to achieve the implementation goals.

Initial settings / Onboarding

After careful planning and consultation, the implementation phase of the ERP system begins. This process includes configuring and tuning the modules according to your business needs, transferring data from previous systems, and training staff. At this stage, we work on the connectivity between the modules of the software and your business departments, to improve communication and cooperation.

Training and implementation

Our consultants train key users to ensure your staff knows how to use and manage the system effectively but also how to deal with new business processes. Appropriate preparation and training are essential for a smooth transition to the new system. Gradually, all processes and modules of are launched, preparing your organization to optimize daily tasts and achieve the set goals.

Support and maintenance

We will be by your side during the next stage of your work with, when all users have already started working with the implemented ERP system. You can count on quality service from our maintenance and support specialists, offered on two main channels:

Email support

The "Email Support" service is free and unlimited for all customers. You can send your questions at any point to Each email is registered with a ticket number, through which we will update you on the status of your inquiry.

Telephone support

Telephone support is provided at +359 88 297 8331. The service is free of charge for the first six months (starting from the registration of the client domain) and free forever for Prim.Enterprise clients. Once the six-month period expires, you can pay for phone support according to our Pricing Terms.

+359 88 297 8331

What does the maintenance and support service cover?

The "Telephone Support" and "Email Support" services cover the following:

Answers to common questions and problems that may be encountered in's standard database:

  • I can't log in to the system. Is there a problem with my login/password/username?
  • Where can I find a reference for today's sold items?
  • Where can I find a list of Purchase Orders/Sales Orders?
  • How do I edit/delete/cancel a document?
  • Why am I unable to store-out an item from the warehouse even though I have stock for it?

Provision of different types of materials and internal documentation for working with the ERP system:

  • Specific pages from the User Guide;
  • Specific pages from the API documentation;
  • Videos / Youtube Tutorials.

Troubleshooting software bugs, unexpected system behavior, issues that are not due to misconfiguration:

  • System error messages that stop users from working;
  • Slow operations/screen freezing.

What is not included in the support and maintenance services?

Our support and maintenance department will not be able to answer questions and suggestions related to the customer's system configuration and operation logic. These questions should be asked by the key users of the system, on the client side, to the implementation consultant, on the Antipodes side.


API Documentation

For automation of some of the processes, for easier communication with our partners and customers, as well as for more stable integrations, offers modern and easy-to-use REST API technology, accessible through GET scheme and POST requests with JSON structures. The detailed API documentation of can be found at

Videos / Youtube Tutorials

For the convenience and time saving of our customers, we have created a Youtube channel youtube@primsupport. In it, our team posts content dedicated to how to set up the system, how to work with it, as well as share some interesting and useful tips for working with the ERP.

Working hours

The working hours of the support and maintenance department, providing "Telephone support" and "Email support" services, are from 09:00 to 18:00 EET, every working day.