Inventory Management & Logistics

With's Inventory Management and Logistics module, you will always be able to track the current status of your warehouses. You can be sure that the items in them have the right value. This module is capable of organizing the entire logistics activity of the company.

Supplies and
warehouses allows you to create and manage multiple offices, warehouses and sub-warehouses with a complex geometry, territorial separation, multiple stores and POS. Inquiries, orders, direct and indirect delivery costs - let yourself manage all of this efficiently!


Process orders from your suppliers, store in and out, move goods, arrange and revise warehouses - all this in a single intelligent stock and operations module! Use as an ERP system and you will know where and how much of an item, material or product you have, at any moment!

Packing and

Do you use external couriers or do you have your own transport? With you can organize both at the same time. Organise and load a shipment, or send by courier everything that needs to be delivered to the customer. Tracking goods and complete logistics activity has never been easier!

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Warehouses and Logistics - Nomenclature management's nomenclature capabilities provides a wide number of ways of working with goods and materials. We support multiple measurement units with formulas for automatic conversion from one measurement unit to another, operations with serial numbers and batches, and recording of expiration dates. The division of the nomenclature into brands and groups allows you to add additional arbitrary characteristics, providing meaningful complementary information about the items and materials. We support working with BOM (bill of materials) functionalities and other similar actions, which are offered only in the most complex ERP systems.

Working with Batches and Serial numbers

In the warehouse module,'s nomenclature functionality includes the option to enter serial numbers and batches. Tracking items is extremely intuitive and just a few clicks away. You will see the entire history of the item, who supplied it, to whom it was sold, even the warranty, if there is one. You can easily manage even your most complex nomenclature without the risk of duplicating or losing a single entry.

Inventory Parameters and Characteristics

The nomenclature of each business usually requires a different approach to the creation and management of items or services. can really help you organise your nomenclature because it can be grouped any way you like, without restriction on the number of groups and subgroups. Each entry has a basic unit of measure, but other units of measure can be added as required. For each group, you can enter an unlimited number of characteristics you require for problem-free sales, storage, and revisions. offers you the options - you just manage them according to your own style and existing strategy!

Warehouses and Logistics - Warehouses, sub-warehouses, geometry in warehouses and sites allows you to create a warehouse in just a few minutes and start working with it. At the same time, if you have a complex warehouse system, you have all the tools at your disposal to create a complex tree structure of warehouses and sub-warehouses with separate sites. You can also define geometry (sectors, rows, floors) for the precise positioning of goods and materials.

Warehouses and Logistics - Reservation of quantities, minimum and optimum quantities

Defining the formula for maintaining optimum quantities in warehouses can be extremely difficult. Multiple system analyses, as well as a system for reserving quantities and defining minimum and optimum quantities will help you to achieve a better solution. It's well worth the effort because it allows you to reduce working capital which may be locked up in unnecessary materials and goods or may not be in the right place.

Warehouses and Logistics - Reports on movements of goods, costs of materials

One of the useful options that offers is the ability to reference the movement of a specific item at any given moment. For a given time period, for a warehouse, for a group of items, or for other criteria, you get information about the balance at the beginning of the period, turnover, change, and current balance. The report shows detailed information about all operations with the item, regardless of their type - quantity delivered, quantities transferred between warehouses, sales from all POS, as well as quantities available in warehouses.

Orders and deliveries

Store-in and store-out operations are the most common warehouse operations. It's good to know that you have an arsenal of over 20 different logistics operations at your disposal, all related to relocations, deliveries, revisions, re-evaluations, sorting, waste, leasing and consignment. You never know what you'll need tomorrow!

Warehouses and Logistics - Company and warehouse supplies

It has always been a difficult task to monitor the delivery of required new goods into each store and its corresponding warehouse. To make as functional as possible, we also offer a company and warehouse information system. This is much more than just data presented in tabular view. The special loading functionality detects the availability of all items in a given period. It shows their minimum quantity, cost over a given period, how many units have come in and gone out, and consequently, how many need to be requested. There is no need to use another interface, you can request the necessary quantities here!

Warehouses and Logistics - Allocation of costs

The cost of acquiring goods has a direct impact on the correct accumulation of cost. This functionality is integrated into all system modules. Costs can be attached to operations according to the means by which you acquired a given item. In addition to the purchase cost, this may include delivery costs. For example, transport, customs duties, fees, packaging, etc.

Warehouses and Logistics - Precise value

The precise cost of inventory is vital for the accurate financial picture of your company. If you don't have information about costs, there is no way you can know the profit made from each sale. This makes an entire important part of the financial analysis of your activities meaningless. We know that product and material cost information is a specific know-how in certain companies, so we have created the capability of defining who has access to this information and who doesn't.

Forwarding and packaging, integration with shipping systems

Another, no less complex task, is delivering the purchased goods to each customer. With the Logistics module you have an integrated connection to major shipping companies. Automatic definition of a bill-of-lading number, a variety of shipping services depending on specific delivery conditions, as well as accounting for payments on delivery. You also have tools to facilitate the preparation of the goods for dispatch - packing lists, history and monitoring of the package (who did what and when, error checking), grouping of dispatches into shipments and other useful functions.

Import and export of data

When our clients begin working with, they usually audit their warehouses. To make it as easy as possible for us to start working together, we offer a very simple data import system. So after just a few imports, you can start using all the warehouse module functions. File import applies not only to initial audits, but also to each operation. As a separate function, provides easy export of the same data.


The best way to see in action is to give it a go yourself. It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-populated the demo with sample data.