BI Analyses in Prim

With the development of our Prim ERP we also created many operational and analytical reports. There came a moment, however, when we had to admit that the standard rules for making enquiries have their limits. We decided that in order to offer a complete set of tools to our customers, it would be a good idea to integrate it with a BI tool.

What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are a combination of services and technologies that enable the transfer of data from different sources, the processing of this data and the creation of diverse references and analyses. It is a system of analysis with the right data that can help businesses make quick and adequate decisions. BI systems are an amazingly useful addition to ERP systems and are their natural continuation.

Thanks to its versatile applicability, business analysis systems enjoy universal recognition and popularity. Their most active users are managers and those engaged in strategic business development.

Why did we choose Qlik Sense?

Choosing the right analytics tool is a key stage in the development of any successful project, so we trusted Qlik, one of the major players on the market, with their Qlik Sense. Qlik follows the main trends in the development of the business intelligence sphere, often even defining them. This was the main reason for our choice of BI integration partner - we wanted our customers to have access to a reliable and world-leading BI solution.

What are the capabilities of Qlik Sense? 

Qlik Sense allows combining data from different sources, their processing and integration. Thus, the visualization of information serves the user to make decisions on the basis of real analyses and references. Multiple dashboards show details of the most important company indicators (KPIs), as well as complex analyses of sales and financial information. All this happens with correctly submitted information directly from our ERP system Prim, without any additional input, comparison and search.

Using BI services in the cloud is completely safe because Qlik Sense has security and data protection certificates. Mobility is guaranteed by the ability to use the solution in its standard functionality on different types of mobile devices. The analyses can be viewed through a web client or through special free applications with additional functionalities.

All Qlik products, including Sense, have one main advantage over competitors in the BI market. This is the associative filtering of data that allows users to analyze information without restrictions and predetermined steps. Everyone can select the data they want and reach conclusions, guided only by their intuition and ideas. This gives tremendous freedom and significantly expands the possibilities for analysis.

Qlik Sense's BI technology provides an opportunity for in-depth analysis of various indicators, be it in finance, sales, customers, profits, or even in the warehouse of any company. Company efficiency can be measured and improved by obtaining correct, adequate information according to the needs of your business.

We believe that each of our clients should receive the best tool for development, even on a limited budget. For this reason we offer completely free high-quality BI software integrated in all Prim domains.

Business problems with Prim solutions

If you feel that you are losing sight of the overall picture of your business because analyzing daily details takes a lot of time and resource, then perhaps the time has come to look at introducing an ERP system. If you want to stop being slaves to your business or if you feel lost in data, try to give an honest answer to the questions in the article. See for yourself whether the following descriptions apply to you and the functioning of your organization.

How much time are you wasting?

Using too many different applications can cause delays in managing key activities. Because of different channels and constant cross-referencing between them, your business has to devote more and more time to daily activities. Our ERP system integrates solutions and data into a single system with a common interface, making it easier for business units to communicate and work efficiently.

What are the business processes in your company?

If you're finding it increasingly difficult to manage inventory, satisfy customers, keep costs under control, then you may have “fuzzy” business processes. If this is the case, they need restructuring in order to achieve growth. Prim adds a number of analytical capabilities that create a much clearer picture for your management relating to what is happening in real time.

How do you manage your data?

Do you have manual data-intensive processes - do most of your departments use their own applications and processes to operate? In this case, you are likely spending too much time and resources on data entry. When information does not flow seamlessly between systems, reporting takes longer, errors occur more often and decision-making is more difficult.

When do you look for new opportunities?

Do you lack the ability to act quickly? Are you spending so much time running your business that you can't look for new opportunities? Prim includes advanced, intelligent forecasting capabilities that help you identify new and potentially profitable ventures.

How many questions remain unanswered?

Do you have a lot of unanswered questions about your business or do you spend hours looking for answers? Are you unable to find easy answers to important questions such as product line earnings or returns? If you do not find this type of information easily and quickly, it means your detached systems and lack of access to essential parameters slow you down. This will also slow down your analysis and decision-making.

The implementation of an ERP software is a fundamental solution and needs to be considered carefully.

This is an absolute must if you are going to implement a complete software solution like Prim for the first time. If you want to see a positive change in your business and achieve overall growth, it is important to take the necessary steps to see the benefits. You should bear in mind that the process requires patience, perseverance and motivation, and not only at the managerial level.

Other ERP systems vs Prim Costs

We know how important it is for everyone to upgrade their business with a qualitative ERP, without creating a huge hole in their budget. When we created Prim, we wanted to offer a truly working solution to every company, no matter how small or large. However, quality is inevitably linked to money, and often ERP costs are a major stumbling block to implementation. This has led to a complete rethinking of our product pricing. We've made it affordable - we've completely eliminated license costs, reduced implementation and training costs, and the monthly fee only depends on your needs.

ERP costs - licence pooling and monthly maintenance

The cost of purchasing an ERP license can be a very serious investment, and the implementation process can further that cost. Labour and product implementation time are normally added to the price. In most cases, the maintenance fee is paid on a monthly basis and is not included in the original license price. This increases the price even more, and if you realise you haven't made the right choice in terms of software... you'll have to pay even more.

To start working with Prim right away, you do not have to pay any license or invest your money in another initial expense. The difference between implementing Prim software and other ERP programs is precisely the low monthly cost and always fixed. This allows for more effective control of corporate finances without huge losses of time and money.

You set the functionalities and we immediately offer you an innovative software platform tailored to your budget. The monthly payment depends on the chosen price plan and includes the necessary basic and complementary functionalities of your business. In addition, this price includes maintenance, updates and hosting of the service. Things for which other ERP programs will require an additional payment.

“Shared implementation” of Prim as a one-off cost for ERP

Additional costs for our Prim software are one-off consulting services when the system is first set up. This includes creating roles and rights according to company needs, importing the information on counterparts/finances/nomenclature - in other words - a fully "shared implementation".

The idea of “shared implementation” is to build a new system in which a key client user is trained on absolutely all functionalities together with our consultant. Thus, in addition to clarifying the customer's business logic, the system is also adjusted to its way of working. For maximum process efficiency, we share our know-how and help with various successful business practices. During this implementation period (typically between 2 and 4 weeks), the key user understands fully how Prim works, and is taken through all the processes in detail.

"Light" cloud services, no cost for expensive hardware

"Heavier" ERP systems may require a serious investment in new hardware. Prim saves hardware costs because you don't need anything other than a device with Internet access to use our ERP solution. Data storage takes place entirely in the “cloud”. If our client experiences considerable growth and requires additional disk space, we can provide it for an additional fee or we can make the switch to another pricing plan.  

Reduced costs for ERP training 

The optimizations offered by an ERP are a benefit for the organization, but also one of the biggest problems for system implementation. It is often the case that managers in different teams cannot appreciate the need for such a system and/or do not have the necessary training.

As we have already mentioned, “shared implementation” can involve a real clash between the key customer user and our Prim consultant. After setting up and starting work, our team arranges a one-off training session for all other users of the system (completely free of charge) and introduces each functionality in detail.

By training future users (especially managers), we minimize possible problems in their work with the system. Implementation actually trains employees, and if more clarifications are needed, we also offer additional paid training, as well as free online training.

Your business deserves the best ERP.

At the best price.

Implementing Prim during COVID-19

Why is this a good time to implement Prim and how to turn the minuses caused by Covid-19?

Implementation and operation of Prim are greatly facilitated and structured to respond to the emergency situation. However, the greatest advantage of Prim as an ERP system is mobility - you and your employees can work from wherever you want, from any device of your choice. It gives you the freedom to work on the go - anywhere and anytime - in mobile applications with a wide range of functionalities. This facilitates the relationship with customers and suppliers and improves sales and ordering processes. In the present situation, it prevents unnecessary risks and allows you to work from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Every step of the software implementation is online, by phone or via remote access software to share the computer (Team Viewer and AnyDesk). Our remote services include:

  • Consultations with our consultants to select the appropriate package and pricing plan
  • Consultation with our implementation team
  • Training your teams
  • Support Team Help
  • System operation video tutorials
  • Consultations on initial system setup
  • Import of counterpart/financial/nomenclature information
  • Adding a new sales channel (Amazon,eBay, eMAG, Opencart, WooCommerce, Cloudcart, Magento, etc.)
  • Adding shipping company

Prim lets you stay at home!
Use this time to carefully examine our software through a free demo version or a test system active for 30 days. This will give you enough time to assess whether the deployment of Prim as a cloud ERP system in your company is suitable for your business and an urgently needed action.