BI Analyses in Prim

With the development of our Prim ERP we also created many operational and analytical reports. There came a moment, however, when we had to admit that the standard rules for making enquiries have their limits. We decided that in order to offer a complete set of tools to our customers, it would be a good idea to integrate it with a BI tool.

What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) systems are a combination of services and technologies that enable the transfer of data from different sources, the processing of this data and the creation of diverse references and analyses. It is a system of analysis with the right data that can help businesses make quick and adequate decisions. BI systems are an amazingly useful addition to ERP systems and are their natural continuation.

Thanks to its versatile applicability, business analysis systems enjoy universal recognition and popularity. Their most active users are managers and those engaged in strategic business development.

Why did we choose Qlik Sense?

Choosing the right analytics tool is a key stage in the development of any successful project, so we trusted Qlik, one of the major players on the market, with their Qlik Sense. Qlik follows the main trends in the development of the business intelligence sphere, often even defining them. This was the main reason for our choice of BI integration partner - we wanted our customers to have access to a reliable and world-leading BI solution.

What are the capabilities of Qlik Sense? 

Qlik Sense allows combining data from different sources, their processing and integration. Thus, the visualization of information serves the user to make decisions on the basis of real analyses and references. Multiple dashboards show details of the most important company indicators (KPIs), as well as complex analyses of sales and financial information. All this happens with correctly submitted information directly from our ERP system Prim, without any additional input, comparison and search.

Using BI services in the cloud is completely safe because Qlik Sense has security and data protection certificates. Mobility is guaranteed by the ability to use the solution in its standard functionality on different types of mobile devices. The analyses can be viewed through a web client or through special free applications with additional functionalities.

All Qlik products, including Sense, have one main advantage over competitors in the BI market. This is the associative filtering of data that allows users to analyze information without restrictions and predetermined steps. Everyone can select the data they want and reach conclusions, guided only by their intuition and ideas. This gives tremendous freedom and significantly expands the possibilities for analysis.

Qlik Sense's BI technology provides an opportunity for in-depth analysis of various indicators, be it in finance, sales, customers, profits, or even in the warehouse of any company. Company efficiency can be measured and improved by obtaining correct, adequate information according to the needs of your business.

We believe that each of our clients should receive the best tool for development, even on a limited budget. For this reason we offer completely free high-quality BI software integrated in all Prim domains.